Devil-Dog Dugan

First Appearance: Devil-Dog Dugan #1 (July 1956).
Appearances: Devil-Dog Dugan #1-3, Tales of the Marines #4.
Years Active: 1951-1954?

Devil-Dog Dugan is, like "Iron Mike" McGraw, a fightin' Marine. Devil-Dog Dugan is also (like McGraw) active in Korea, doing things like "helpin' the U.S. Navy evacuate civilian Chinese off a speck of an island, just a GUNG-HO away from the coast of Red China." Dugan is active during the war, but he's also a lifetime Marine, or so he seems to be, and so we see him doing other Marine-like things, including doing outpost duty at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and entering skiing competitions in upper New York state. Dugan's friendly tormentor and rival is Sergeant O'Toole, a jut-jawed blowhard in the proud Marine tradition. That's O'Toole on the right, in the picture, and Dugan on the left.

Notes: There was an actual crossover between Devil-Dog Dugan and "Iron Mike" McGraw in Devil-Dog Dugan #2, thereby tying the two together in continuity. Most of the Devil-Dog Dugan stories were not, I should add, serious war stories in the style of "Iron Mike" McGraw, however; they were pretty much straight-ahead comedy, in the style of some of the Sailor Sweeney stories.

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