First Appearance: Invaders #14 (March 1977).
Appearances: Invaders #14-15, 27-28, 34, Midnight Sons Unlimited #9, Citizen V & the V-Battalion v1 #1-3, v2 #1-3.
Years Active: 1942-present.

The history of the Dyna-Mite is inextricably tied in to the history of the Destroyer, so this is going to be somewhat complicated, just like the Destroyer's history.

Roger Aubrey was a close friend of Brian Falsworth, the son of Lord Falsworth (aka the Union Jack (I)). Roger and Brian were initially sympathetic towards Germany and supportive of peace between Germany and Britain. The pair even went into Germany, in 1938 or 1939, and toured the country. Then war broke out between Germany and England, and Roger and Brian quickly discovered how evil Germany under the Nazis was. Brian was thrown in prison, his connections saving him from a worse fate. Brian was taken away and given to German scientists.

Roger went on to become the Destroyer, fighting a guerrilla war against Germany. Brian was experiment on and eventually shrunk down to one foot tall, but with the strength of a full-sized man. He was also brainwashed and unleashed against the Allies. Roger was eventually captured and deprogrammed, at which point he joined the superhero team the Crusaders as the heroic Dyna-Mite.

Some time later Roger was restored to his full size and reunited with Brian Falsworth. Perhaps at this time, or perhaps much earlier, the two became lovers. Whether from some perverse urge to live up to the stereotype, or just out of whimsy, the two began wearing each other's clothing, and eventually Roger adopted Brian's old persona of the Destroyer (he now called himself the "Mighty Destroyer") while Brian became the Union Jack (II).

Roger and Brian continued to fight the Axis powers through the war. After the war the pair were among the founders of the V-Battalion, and in the first years after the war the pair, along with the V-Battalion, hunted German war criminals. Brian died in a car accident in 1953, but Roger carried on as the leader of the V-Battalion's Penance Council.

Most of his personal history since 1945 is unrevealed. At some point he traveled back to the "Stone Age," which he found an "unpleasant place."

As the Dyna-Mite Roger had the strength of a grown man in the body of a foot-tall person. As the Mighty Destroyer he was just another athletic guerrilla fighter.

Note: Dyna-Mite and the other Crusaders were, of course, part of the unofficial Marvel-DC crossover of 1976, where the Invaders fought the "Crusaders," a team whose members had the same powers as DC's Freedom Fighters, and where, in the pages of Freedom Fighters, the Freedom Fighters fought the "Crusaders," who had the same powers as the Invaders.

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