Fargo Kid

First Appearance: Two-Gun Western #7 (April 1951).
Appearances: Two-Gun Western #7.
Years Active: 1870s?

The Fargo Kid's parents were traveling to Fargo when they were attacked and killed by a war band of Apaches. The orphaned Kid was found and raised by a kindly couple in Fargo. He eventually left home and had a series of adventures, but when his adoptive father was killed the Kid returned to Fargo to avenge him. The kicker is that despite his reputation as a gunslinger, the Kid hated the life of a shootist, and had given up his guns, bought a ranch, and lived there with his wife and child. But the death of his father brought the Kid out of retirement for one last battle.

The Kid is a blond man who uses a lethally quick crossdraw.

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