Iron Fists

First Appearance: Iron Fist v2 #1 (July 1998).
Appearances: Iron Fist v2 #1-2.
Years Active: "Dawn of time" to the present.

It was revealed in the Iron Fist mini-series that over the centuries there have been a number of natives of K'un-L'un who have born the dragon tattoo and had the ability of the Iron Fist. This line of heroes goes back to "the dawn of time."

In the mini-series we see the ghostly headshots of eleven of them, including one women.

Donald Campbell adds the following:

With the exception of the first Iron Fist limited series, all other stories dealing with Iron Fist state that Daniel Rand was the FIRST warrior to obtain the power of Shou-Lao the Undying.  However, I suppose it is possible that the Anomaly Gem might contain the spirits of all those warriors who had TRIED to gain the power of the Iron Fist but had failed, like Davos.  It's also possible that anyone who had ever tried to obtain the power of the dragon's heart could bear within them some small part of the power, even if they didn't manage to obtain it all, as Danny Rand did.

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