Dominic Fortune

First Appearance: Marvel Preview #2 (1975).
Appearances: Marvel Preview #2, 20, Marvel Super-Heroes v3 #3, Marvel Preview #2, 20, Marvel Super-Action #1, Hulk  Magazine #21-25, Web of Spider-Man #10, 71-72, Marvel Premiere #56, Marvel Team-Up #120, Iron Man #212-213.
Years Active: 1930s-present.

David Fortunov was an adventurer-for-hire who gained fame in the 1930s as "Dominic Fortune." During World War Two Fortune served in the "American military." His teammate was Sabbath Raven.

Fortune had no superpowers but had the usual adventurer-for-hire skills.

Note: Ronald Byrd notes that in Marvel Premiere #56, set in the spring of 1938, Dominic Fortune and Sabbath Raven teamed up with Dum-Dum Dugan, of the Howling Commandos, to fight Spencer Keene, an evil rich guy with a metal hand. Presumably the "Spencer Keene" they fought is no relation to the "Spencer Keen" who was secretly the Blue Blaze.

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