First Appearance: Punisher: A Man Named Frank (1994).
Appearances: Punisher: A Man Named Frank.
Years Active: 1910-?

"Frank" is a farmer and a veteran of the Spanish-American War; he served with Pershing's 10th Cavalry in Cuba in 1898. In December, 1910, his wife and two children are murdered by four bandits, with Frank being tied to a wagon wheel and left to die in the sun. He somehow survives and is nursed back to health by a group of traveling priest and nuns. Frank is recovering in a cave when he notices a Native American painting of a man with a skull for a head. Frank is taken by this design and paints it on to his black shirt. Frank then takes up the gun and becomes a government-sanctioned bounty hunter.

In March 1912 Frank manages to find the men who killed his family. He murders them all, including the corrupt man one of the murderers worked for. Frank then rides off as a wanderer, looking to right wrongs and do good and so forth and so on.

Notes: The parallels with the current anti-hero Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, are marked and deliberate: "Frank"'s wife is named Maria and like Frank Castle "Frank" has a son and a daughter.

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