Benjamin Franklin

First Appearance: Dr. Strange v1 #18 (September 1976).
Appearances: Dr. Strange v1 #18.
Years Active: 1706-1790.

Yes, that Ben Franklin. It was revealed in one of Doctor Strange's jaunts through time that in 1775 Ben Franklin was the "Grand Master" of a "society of philosopher/mystics" who were fighting on behalf of America during the Revolutionary War. (It was also mentioned that there were "rumors of mystical opposition to our cause," which raises the question of who was fighting for and who was fighting against the Americans during the war, and how many other American wars have been helped or hurt by magic.)

While Franklin is not shown to have magical abilities, I think he merits inclusion here as the Grand Master of the society--the same society that Sir Francis Bacon was the chief of in 1618 (see Bacon's entry).

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