First Appearance: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #9 (referred to).
Appearances: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #9 (referred to).
Years Active: circa 3500 B.C.E.

Garret was a "powerful pre-dynastic Egyptian sorcerer." As an old man he joined his soul, along with that of a young warrior named Dann, to "vapors arcane." This created the Ruby Scarab, which was used around 3500 B.C.E. to combat the "four humanoid sorcerers" known as the Elementals. Nothing more is known about Garret.

During World War Two the Ruby Scarab was taken up by an Egyptian, who used it to become the Scarlet Scarab.

Note: "Garret" is hardly an Egyptian name, but as "Scott" points out this is probably a reference by the OHOTMU writer to the Golden Age Blue Beetle, a man named Dan Garrett who became the Blue Beetle by using a magic blue scarab. (Edward Lee Love correctly points out that there were two Blue Beetles, and that it was the second Dan Garrett Blue Beetle, not the first, who used the magic scarab.)

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