El Gaucho

First Appearance: USA Comics #5 (referred to) (Summer 1942).
Appearance: USA Comics #5 (referred to).
Years Active: 1811-1819? (see below)

The perhaps-mythical predecessor to the American Avenger, El Gaucho fought for the people of Argentina sometime during the 19th Century. Just when El Gaucho was active is never made clear; the aged grandson of one of the men who fought alongside El Gaucho is alive in 1942, when he meets Don Caldwell, who eventually becomes the American Avenger. The best guess would be that El Gaucho was active during the time of Simon Bolivar, the Liberator, who helped free Venezuela and Colombia from Spanish domination from 1811-1819.

In USA #5 a statue of El Gaucho is shown, and the American Avenger consciously models himself on El Gaucho, so we can presume that El Gaucho dressed like one of the riders of the pampas and used a bolo, lasso, and other of their weapons.

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