First Appearance: Eternals v1 #9 (March 1977).
Appearances: Many others.
Years Active: 1,000,000 B.C.E.-present.

Also known as The Forgotten One, Gilgamesh is a first-generation Eternal. In "ancient times" he wandered the world, helping normal humans and fighting against tyrants and "dangerous beasts." This led to people confusing him with various other mythological beings, and in some cases his feats were the source of various legends. In ancient Greece, circa 2800 B.C.E., he cleaned out the Augean Stables and was confused with Hercules. In Sumeria his feats gave rise to the legend of Gilgamesh.

Eventually, at some undefined time, he was confined to a sector of the Eternal City of Olympia by Zuras, the leader of the Eternals, for unspecified crimes (most likely Gilgamesh's pride and insistence on helping humans). In the modern era, when the Celestials arrived and were in the process of judging humanity, Gilamesh aided the Celestials by destroying a Deviant spaceship; this action blinded Gilgamesh. Since then he has helped the Eternals and has served as an Avenger.

He was killed in Avengers #401.

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