Golden Girl (II)

First Appearance: Invaders #26 (March 1978).
Appearances: Invaders #26-28, 38-39.
Years Active: 1942-present.

Rich Bellacera's way-cool Golden Girl (II) MicroGwenny Lou Sabuki was a Japanese-American citizen who like all Japanese-Americans was rounded up during WW2 and placed inside a relocation camp. From this camp she was kidnaped, along with her father, Dr. Sam Sabuki, by Agent Axis, a superpowered operative for the Axis powers.

Axis placed Gwenny Lou Sabuki, David Mitchell,  Bucky (I) and Toro into a machine designed to restore Agent Axis to his normal form. Before this could take place Bucky (I) and Toro tried to escape, and in the ensuing brawl one of Sam Sabuki's machines exploded, granting superpowers to Gwenny Lou and David Mitchell.

Gwenny Lou was given the ability to "project radiant energy." Although she was understandably resentful of the way her family and all Japanese-Americans had been treated, she still saw that the threat of the Axis was greater still, and so she decided to put her new powers to good use. She called herself "Golden Girl," and with Bucky (I) and Toro and Mitchell, who called himself the Human Top (II), she became a member of the Kid Commandos.

The Kid Commandos were active throughout the war. After the war Golden Girl (II) was a founding member of the Penance Council, the leaders of the V-Battalion. The post-war history of Gwenny Lou Sabuki is not known, but it is known that she died in 1961; the circumstances of her death are not known.

Sabuki's daughter was the Golden Sun, and her granddaughter was Goldfire, who served with the V-Battalion until her recent death.

Note: There has traditionally been some confusion about the "Golden Girl." In Captain America #285 the Patriot, aka Captain America (III), spoke of his sidekick after Bucky (II) was forced to retire. That sidekick's name was "the Golden Girl." The problem for continuity geeks like myself is that there have been two Golden Girls in the Marvel Universe. The first was Betsy Ross, who I've labeled Golden Girl (I). Gwenny Lou Sabuki was the second, and it is her I'm callling Golden Girl (II). (Gwenny Lou appeared historically after (I) but before, in continuity, (II).) The Patriot did not specify which Golden Girl he was referring to. Compounding the problem was the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe, which contained a reference to the "Golden Girl" in the appendix. The only Golden Girl listed in the OHOTMU is Golden Girl II. So we never really knew which Golden Girl was the sidekick to Captain America (III).

Fortunately, OHOTMU Update #5 stated that the Patriot was the partner of Betsy Ross, Golden Girl (I). So the issue is settled.

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