First Appearance: Strange Tales #174 (June 1974).
Appearances: Strange Tales #174, 176-177, Marvel Two-In-One #11, Incredible Hulk #134.
Years Active: 15th century C.E. to the present.

The Golem is a centuries-old hero, of sorts. It may predate the one most familiar to readers of myth and legend, the golem created by Rabbi Löw of 16th-century Prague. In the modern era it was an enemy of an evil sorcerer who later joined the Conspiracy, a group of men and women who possessed fragments of the Bloodstone.

The preceding was written before I got more information on the character from the invaluable Ronald Byrd. To wit:

The Golem appears to be about eight feet tall and is made from a purple stone or clay. It looks very humanoid, even wearing short trunks in some panels. It has superstrength, drawing its strength from the land (it is weaker while at sea) and from his love for those around him. On some occasions it is capable of telepathic speech.

According to one story, the Golem’s origin is this:

It began centuries ago [we’re later told that this was in the 15th century--Jess] —or so the legends say—in the city of Prague, where our people [the Jews] suffered beneath the weight of a great persecution—until, finally, the wise man Judah Loew ben Bealel constructed a creature in humanoid form—breathed life into its rock-like body thru (sic) supernatural means—then set the creature against those responsible for our ancestors’ plight—when, at last, there was justice for our people in the city of Prague, the creation of Judah Loew ben Bealel vanished from their midst forever. It wandered off to other lands, this being shaped by man to serve man—and wherever it found tyranny, it made its presence known—and the creature laid waste to many armies as it balanced freedom’s scales.
There are flashbacks to the Golem fighting sword-wielding Arabs, soldiers wearing Conquistador-style helmets, and men dressed in the style of General George S. Custer.  Finally its wanderings are said to have ended:
as if heeding some siren call within itself, the creature strode away from so-called “civilized” lands—and came instead to the desert…to die!
In the modern era it was unearthed and used as the receptacle for a Professor’s soul, who then uses the Golem’s body to fight various soldiers and demons.

Note: This character has no relation to the character of the same name which appeared in The Invaders. For more information on the real-world myth of the golem, go here.

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