Gonra of the Sword

First Appearance: Kull v3 #9 (referred to) (April 1985).
Appearances: Kull v3 #9, 10, and others.
Years Active: circa 16,000 B.C.E. (?)

Gonra was a "man-legend" in "an age long buried" by the time of the Valusian Age, when Kull was active. This "age long buried" was around a millennia before the Valusian Age, which was around 15,000 B.C.E. Gonra wore golden plate mail and used a sword. He was Valusia's greatest champion, defending it against brutal invaders from "Atlantis" who rose in revolt against Valusia's scorpion god. Gonra died shortly after the Atlantean invaders were defeated, but he was revived during the Valusian era by Kull. After an initial misunderstanding and fight, Gonra and Kull became good friends. Gonra became the right-hand man of Kull in the absence of Pict Brule. He no longer wore his golden armor in Kull's time, but he was still a powerful warrior. When Serpent-Men are released from their prison, Gonra recognises them, suggesting he fought them during his own time.

Note: Just which Atlantis this might be is problematic, especially given Marvel's continuity.

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