Mortigan Goth

First Appearance: Mortigan Goth #1 (September 1993).
Appearances: Mortigan Goth: Immortalis #1-4.
Years Active: 1349 C.E. to the present.

Mortigan Goth is an immortal adventurer of the type who cop a sardonic attitude and deny they have any goodness, but usually end up doing the right thing anyhow. Goth's story begins in England in May 1349, when he "had walked the world for fifteen years and learned much of its wonders." When he returned to his home in England he discovered that the plague had reached there. "I called for the Devil to save me. How was I to guess he'd answer?" This "Devil" is Mephisto, who thinks that Mortigan's soul "shone more brightly than others in this dark age." Mortigan and Mephisto play a game of chess, with Mortigan winning the game and thereby immortality, although he loses the ability to cast a reflection.

Mortigan returns to his home in Horsham, England. His mother dies of the plague while he watches and his sister is hanged by an evil priest, who happens to be one of Mephisto's acolytes. The priest is about to sacrifice the infant son of Goth's sister when Goth appears and offers his soul in exchange for saving the child. Mephisto agrees and kills the priest and his followers. Mortigan vows to fight Mephisto eternally, but Mephisto reminds him that his soul still lingers in "Hell" and that "Every hurt you do me I'll visit on him a thousand times more...This is my curse upon you, Mortigan---You will watch suffering, knowing you might help and certain you dare not."

Over the centuries Goth has tried to do his best to fight Mephisto, working on the assumption that Mephisto is eventually going to torment him anyhow. Goth's lack of reflection, however, has gotten him into trouble on many occasions, arousing fear and hatred among mortal men and women, and this has obstructed Mortigan's attempted do-gooding more than Mephisto has. Because of this Mortigan has developed a bit of an attitude and is impatient with most demands upon his services. Goth has been a friend to the Falsworth family for generations. Goth claims to be a distant cousin of the Falsworths, and is dear enough to them that he has his own wing in Falsworth Manor. The Falsworths are aware of his immortality, with both Baron Blood and Jacqueline aware of it in 1940.

In 1965 Mortigan encountered Doctor Strange, who he assisted in freeing a young girl from demonic possession. Mortigan was unimpressed with Strange, likening Strange's possession of the Book of the Vishanti to its being put in the hands of a "child." During the modern era Goth was shown exploring the ruins of San Francisco for survivors following an earthquake.

Goth has superstrength (around a ton's worth) and is immortal. He heals from all wounds, albeit very slowly. His blood is a cure for vampirism, oddly enough.

Note: Mortigan Goth: Immortalis was a Marvel UK comic, which is why most American readers won't be familiar with it or him. But as the entry shows, Goth interacted with mainstream Marvel characters and thus should be counted as being active within Marvel continuity.

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