Louise Hastings

First Appearance: Darkhold #1 (October 1992).
Appearances: Darkhold #1-15.
Years Active: 1940s-present.

Louise Hastings was a professor at Oxford and one of the Darkhold Redeemers, a group that acted as an occult retrieval and damage control unit. Hastings was an archaeologist and an expert on things occult, and may even be an investigator of the occult, ala Rex Lane. She acted as a police consultant on various occasions. She was a somewhat heavyset black woman of a certain age, similar to the Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller, albeit with a more civil attitude. She was born in Barbados but lived in England all of her life, having been a child in London during the Blitz. She had no magical abilities, but an innate talent for magic runs in her family, and her grandson Jinx has some magical ability. She was been married five times, had at least one daughter, and worked alongside Quincy Harker's band of vampire hunters on at least one occasion in the past. She had no powers or magical abilities but was very knowledgeable about occult lore, was very intelligent, and could hold her own in a fight. She was killed in Darkhold #15.

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