Red Hawkins

First Appearance: Wild Western #13 (December 1950).
Appearances: Wild Western #13-14, Apache Kid #1 (53).
Years Active: 1870s.

Red Hawkins is a somewhat typical wandering cowboy, with relatively little to distinguish him from other, similar charaters.

Red's "Indian" sidekick's name is Tall Feather, although he does not appear in every Red Hawkins story. Hawkins' horse is named Fella, and like many other cowboy's horses is more intelligent than usual, coming to Hawkins' help at only a whistle's signal and chewing through the ropes holding Hawkins down without Hawkins having to ask. Hawkins is not a wandering outlaw, but instead just seems to ramble about, doing good and helping people for no other reason but that it's the right thing to do.

In Texas, at least, he is welcome among most folks: "Red ain't never let Texans down!" Interestingly, the stories make it clear that the wandering life is not an easy one; everywhere he goes he's forced to ask folks for food or work, considerations that never seem to enter most other Atlas cowboy stories.

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