Jim Hudson

First Appearance: Police Badge #479 #5 (September 1955).
Appearances: Police Badge #479 #5.
Years Active: 1950s.

"Jim Hudson, Patrolman" walks the night beat in an average big city. But why don't I let him tell it?

This is Metropolitan City, U.S.A.! It's a place of buildings and people of all kinds! Most of them are decent, fine citizens, doing their jobs and taking care of their families! But there are always the crooks, the human wolves who prey upon decent people! My job is to protect the good people...I'm a policeman, Officer Jim Hudson Badge #479, 23rd Precinct!
Hudson walks from "the docks to 30th street" at night ("rookies like me are always given the night beats"). The job means a lot to Hudson because he was born and riased in the neighborhood he patrols. He hung out with the neighborhood kids as a child, but all along he wanted to be a cop like his dad:
I'm gonna be a policeman like him when I get big!...I want to wear a uniform and have a badge and help people who need help against crooks!
He always felt this way, even when his dad had to arrest his best friend's brother. When his father died of a heart attack while foiling a warehouse robbery, Jim's  "desire to follow in my father's footsteps and carry on the work he loved became definite." Jim studied hard and entered the Police Academy, learning about first aid, traffic procedure, "laws and interpretations," how to use "the police service revolver, a Smith and Wesson .38," and how and when to shoot. He also learned "judo and body contact defense." Finally he graduated and was assigned to the 23rd Precinct, where he foils all kinds of crimes, including those committed by the people he played with as a kid, as well as a chop shop and a ring of diamond thieves and smugglers. Hudson works hard for Captain Brady, who likes him. Hudson is, naturally, a clever cop and good with his gun, his nightstick, and his fists.

The image on the right is Hudson soon after he's cracked his first case, wondering why one of his childhood friends turned to crime, forcing Hudson to bring him in.

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