First Appearance: Defenders #147 (September 1985).
Appearances: Various Defenders issues, Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #3-4.
Years Active: 1,000,000 B.C.E. to the present.

Interloper is a member of the Eternals. For unknown reasons he set himself apart from them, having little to do with them or most of mankind, although he was friends with the Eternal known as Gilgamesh. His main reason for being was apparently to fight the evil cosmic being known as the Dragon of the Moon, who he battled on a number of occasions, both alone and alongside the Eternals of Earth and of Titan. These battles took place at undefined times in human history, the most recent one (before the modern era) occurring during the 6th Century C.E., when the Interloper and knights of King Arthur's court defeated the Dragon. Following this battle Interloper apparently lived the life of a hermit, only emerging in the modern era to fight alongside the heroes the Defenders against the Dragon of the Moon and then in the service of Doctor Strange. He currently seems to be bound to the body of a British man, following his apparent death during a battle with the Dragon of the Moon.

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