Jann of the Jungle

First Appearance: Jungle Tales #1 (September 1954).
Appearances: Jungle Tales #1-7, Jann of the Jungle #8-17, What If v1 #9, Jungle Action v2 #1-4, Savage Tales #6, Astonishing Tales #14, What If...? v1 #9.
Years Active: 1950s-?

Wearing a fetching outfit from Givenchy--a sleek black shirt and ragged skirt, nicely set off by a red belt and red, yellow, or black sandals, silver and/or gold arm bands and a silver neck band--the blonde Jann swings through the jungles of the "African Congo," dispensing justice and keeping the peace, and reminding some of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. (Sometimes Jann wore a very attractive leopardskin number.) She is a good fighter and of course athletic and all of that; she's quick enough to stab a striking snake and is brave and skilled enough to leap on top of a charging rhinocerous and divert a stampede. She is assisted by her beefcake sidekick, Pat the black-haired photographer.

Her origin is slightly more complicated than this, however. Originally she went to Africa with Pat (who was blond, at first) as a movie stunt double. She was "Jane Hastings," a "former circus trapeze artist and animal trainer." But once in the Congo she met and talked with Kuba, the de facto leader of the "natives," and befriended him and them, for they saw that "you love the jungle and know its ways." Once she mentioned her name, they broke into cheers of "Jann! Jann! Jann!" Later, when questioned about this, she reveals that "many moons ago" her grandmother (also named "Jann"), as a girl, lived in the jungle. When Grandmother Jann grew up she helped the natives, serving them in their times of need. Grandmother Jann eventually married a "white hunter of lions" and left the jungle. But she taught Jann's mother "all about the jungle, and mother, in turn, taught me!" The natives recognised her lineage immediately; she says "I didn't think the natives would remember! Strange, but I feel as if I BELONG here...as if this is my second home!"

Jann saves the movie shoot and then stays in the jungle to fight evil and help the natives.

Notes: Jann's appearance in the What If...? issue established her presence in modern Marvel continuity. Although the events of Avengers Forever have erased the 1958 Avengers from continuity, they still individually exist, and so too, presumably, does Jann.

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