First Appearance: Namor #38 (May 1993).
Appearance: Namor #38.
Years Active: circa 3000 B.C.E.

5000 years ago in Atlantis, in the third decade following the death of Kaluu, Atlantis' first king, a group of "Faceless Ones" plagued Atlantis. A tribe of Atlanteans from the North, who "worshipped different gods," drove the Faceless Ones off and were allowed to settle in Atlantis. Unfortunately, this tribe turned the Atlanteans against Neptune-worship and towards human sacrifice in the service of the "Old Ones." Kalen, the grandson of Kaluu, returned to Atlantis after a long journey and led the Atlanteans against the worshipers of Suma-Ket and defeated them. Kalen then became the King of Atlantis.

Kalen had the usual powers of Atlanteans and wore a golden breastplate and bladed gauntlets and boots and used a trident.

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