Solomon Kane

First Appearance (in comics): Monsters Unleashed #1 (1973).
Appearances: Monsters Unleashed #1, The Conan Saga #17, Kull and the Barbarians #2-3, Marvel Premiere #33-34, Marvel Preview #19, The Sword of Solomon Kane #1-6, Savage Sword of Conan #13-15, 18-20, 22, 25, 26, 33, 34, 37, 39, 41, 53, 54, 62, 83.
Years Active: 16th Century C.E.

A Puritan adventurer from a small town in Devon, England, Kane was active during the 16th Century (which is several decades too early for the Puritans, but never mind), driven by wanderlust to travel around the world. The Sword of Solomon Kane miniseries revealed that some of the adventures written about him by Robert E. Howard, including his actions as a pirate, also happened in the Marvel Universe. Kane fought bandits in France, thieves, zombies, and witch doctors in Africa, and werewolves in Germany's Black Forest. At some point in his life he was subjected to the "racks of Spain," so clearly he fell into the hands of the Inquisition but lived to tell about it. In the 1530s (or perhaps early in the 1540s) he slew a dragon (perhaps the mate of the "Scheusslischer Lindwurm"--see the Saint George entry) near Magnet Mountain. In 1553 he fought with Dracula for the first time. In 1555 he fought pirates and slavers in a small coastal kingdom in the Arabian Desert. In 1556 he fought and killed a pirate in England. Somewhere along the way he was a captain in the French army. In 1566 Kane fought with Dracula for the second time; Kane killed Dracula, the undead's first death as a vampire.

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