Captain Kerosene

First Appearance: Plasmer #1 (November 1993).
Appearances: Plasmer #1-4.
Years Active: 1939-present.

Gulliver Jones, a Brit, somehow gained similar powers to the Human Torch (I). Jones had blond hair and a yellow uniform, and emitted flames like the Torch. He was active during WW2, and occasionally filled in for the Torch on various missions; to quote Jones, he "ghosted for the android Torch on certain key missions." As noted in the panel seen here, his missions were only occasional, because his powers could not regularly be relied upon.

Captain Kerosene is still active in the present day. After the war Kerosene was associated with the Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies (STRIKE), the British version of SHIELD, but they were dissolved. While Kerosene continued with some of STRIKE's replacements, but Kerosene had bad experiences with some of them, including the Resources Control Executive (RCX). Kerosene is currently operating with the Department for Unknown and Covert Knowledge. Because he was forced to the sidelines so often during World War Two, he remains eager for action. During the events of the Plasmer miniseries he "died," blowing himself to ashes, but discovered that he is somehow immortal, and is now in a charcoal-like body with somewhat different powers; although he still has his old Human Torch-style powers, he now has them completely under control.

Note: As far as is known there's no relation between Gulliver Jones and the better-known Gullivar Jones.

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