(updated 6 April 2002)


An "e-text" is an "electronic text" version of a print text; that is, King Lear, but online, where you can read it for free, and from the comfort of your own computer, rather than having to go to the library or bookstore.
Alexandria Digital Literature Home Page You have to join, but it's free, and once you do you get a nice set of member benefits.
Banned Books On-Line A very nice web page outlining book-banning attempts and giving web links to online editions of those books.

Bibliomania Lots and lots of different texts online.
Blackmask Online A good assemblage of e-texts, including some pulps.
British Poetry 1780-1910 From Lewis Carroll to Lord Tennyson. Not all-inclusive, though.
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature "An encyclopedia in eighteen volumes" One big e-text, and so interesting. Lots and lots to read here.
Dime Novels E-texts of several dime novels, including ones starring Nick Carter, Buffalo Bill, and Frank Merriwell.
NEW Downloadable Pulp E-Texts Neat, eh?
Eighteenth-Century Studies An archive of "works of the eighteenth century from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies." The authors of the time, and articles/essays on them.
Electronic Historical Publications E-texts of 19th century issues of Scientific American. Neat, eh?
Electronic Text Center The University of Virginia's e-text collection. Some very nice stuff here.
English Server Fiction Collection Another good collection of e-texts, this one focussing on fiction.
E-text Archives Links to various e-text sites.
1st Books A site from which you can download lots and lots and lots of "virtual books."
Free Online Library Various e-texts, many of which are much newer than some of the other books found on other sites here.
Great Books Index As they say on the page, "An Index to the Great Books in English Translation." A bunch of DWEMs, of course, but there is a reason they've been called Great Books, after all.

Hypertexts @ UVA The wonderful e-text library at UVA.
The Internet Public Library Another very good resource for digital lit. It used to be the standard online source, but now it's been surpassed and is only a very good one.
NEW Literature of the Fantastic Another good assemblage of e-texts of fantastic literature.
The Literary Gothic E-text archive of dozens of gothic stories and novels.
NEW Master Texts "This site contains the full texts of literary masterpieces for you to enjoy."
Master Works of Western Lit "A hypertext-annotated compilation of lists of major works recommended by Drs. Adler and Eliot, Charles Van Doren, Anthony Burgess, Clifton Fadiman, the Easton Press, and many others."
Nag Hammadi Library E-text editions of the fifty ancient gnostic texts found at Nag Hammadi.
Nineteenth Century in Print, Periodicals Various 19th Century periodicals' full-text articles, all searchable.
The On-Line Books Page 12,000+ e-text.
* Online Classic Horror and Fantasy Fiction Very nice. A great collection of horror and fantasy e-texts.
The Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL SunSITE) If you're looking for medieval texts online, you need go no further than this site.
Project Gutenberg Index Project Gutenburg is a non-profit organization dedicated to making texts available on the Web. (for free, ya lunkhead) They have a lot of stuff up already, and the amount available is growing all the time. Project Gutenburg is one of those bookmarks that no literate person should be without; you may not use them for months of years, but it's very nice to know that they're out there. (And I contributed The Song Book of Quong Lee, something which I'm rather proud of.)
Project Runeberg 200 e-texts of Scandinavian work (mostly not in English, however).
* Research Society for American Periodicals An excellent resource if you, like me, do research into American periodicals.
Resources for World Literature I Links to online resources for world literature and criticism.
SF & Fantasy Books Online Many fantasy and science fiction and fable e-texts.

* Shakespeare Homepage The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, along with a glossary, some other resources, and links to other sites.
Welcome to The Vintage Library Classic pulp fiction and stories online--how neat is that?
Victorian Women Writers Project A great assemblage of e-texts written by female Victorians.
Viking Related texts, Eddas, Sagas ... It's only got a few entries right now, but it's Under Construction, and so perhaps we should check back in six months' time?
NEW Wright American Fiction 1851-1875 A very good assemblage of e-texts from that time and place.


Cultronix An "interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies."

Ezines Links to and information on dozens and dozens of magazines--not just web magazines, but real ones.
Gray Areas Magazine A magazine about modern culture.
* Hypertext Nonfiction A very good journal of cultural studies, covering a wide range of topics.
The Lost Club A promising journal on undeservedly obscure writers. Unfortunately, it seems to have sputtered to a halt after only one issue, but I hope it will yet return.

Magportal A search engine for articles from various free magazines.
New York Review of Books As far as East Coast literati go, there is no better magazine than the New York Review. And now they've got, not only articles from their current issue available, but also articles from previous issues--currently only back through 1996, but eventually for their entire run, back through the 1960s.
Nexus Magazine An online journal "for information anarchists everywhere!"
Renaissance Forum "An electronic journal of early-modern literary and historical studies."

Welcome to the Electronic Newsstand A very good guide to magazines' web presences.
NEW Would That It Were "The Internet's Premier Magazine of Historical SF."

Single Works

I don't really need to say much about these, do I?

Bibles on the Web For when you absolutely, positively must find that quote.

Eddas and Lays
The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Holy Qu'ran
The Literary History of the American West A nice history of the U.S.'s West.
Le Morte D'Arthur
Thus Spake Zarathustra Go Nietzsche! Go Nietzsche! Go Nietzsche!

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