Lord of the Loa

First Appearance: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #17 (May 1990).
Appearances: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #17 & 20.
Years Active: Mid/late-17th century

Laurent, a free African of the mid/late-17th century, was one of the best friends and companions-in-war to Captain Tyger. One night Tyger's arch-enemy, the pirate and slaver Boute-Feu, kidnapped Laurent's brother Alexandre in Haiti and took him to a "witch doctor," who sacrificed Alexandre to the Vodu god Sagbata. Sagbata struck a deal with the evil primal god Chthon to create a new race of will-less slaves on Earth; Alexandre was made into a zombie, and Boute-Feu led Alexandre and an army of zombies against the city of Port-Margot. While Captain Tyger fought against the zombies and Boute-Feu, Laurent was approached by Legba, a Vodu god, and offered power over the loa (vodu spirits). Laurent, eager to help Captain Tyger and to avenge his brother, agreed and was given power and a costume. In battle with the witch doctor Laurent was overwhelmed, but managed to cast "the ultimate spell" and merged Alexandre's spirit with his own. Laurent's doubled power helped him to overcome the witch doctor and defeat the zombie army. Laurent became the Lord of the Loa and the father of a line of heroes through the centuries; the current inheritor of the power is Brother Voodoo, whose costume is the same as Laurent's.

Brother Voodoo's predecessor was Papa Jambo, who might well be a Pre-FF #1 hero in his own right and would deserve inclusion here if I only had more information on him.

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