First Appearance: Jungle Action v1 #1 (October 1954).
Appearances: Jungle Action v1 #1-6, v2 #1-4.
Years Active: 1950s.

A blond Lord-of-the-Jungle-in-animal-skin-loincloth type mostly indistinguishable from Tarzan or, closer to home, Ka-Zar.

For the extremely curious, Lo-Zar is upright and moral and square-jawedly adventurous and all of that, but is also intelligent and educated. (It might be that his origin, like that of Jann of the Jungle, shows him to come from America, and not Africa. If I ever find his origin, I'll recount it here.) In proper 1950s American fashion Lo-Zar hates Communism, and when he gets the chance he happily fights The Red Menace, in one story reading their Morse code transmissions and catching them that way. (That's that education and intelligence helping him.) Lo-Zar is, naturally, a friend to both the natives and the animals of the African jungles; although where he works is never specifically identified, as it is for Cliff Mason and Jann, it's clear from the stories that he works in Africa, and most likely the Congo, just like Jann.

Lo-Zar is, in proper jungle fashion, appropriately brutal when the situation calls for it; when attacked by "Numa, the outlaw, the lion turned man-killer" or by "Coga the leopard, archenemy of the leader of the Bull elephants," Lo-Zar stabs them to death, but when dealing with agents of the The Red Menace or rogue ivory hunters he lets them live after he captures them. (Lo-Zar does let a herd of bull elephants trample Commie troops to death, however.) When "Serpo" the snake tries to get in his way Lo-Zar applies a pressure hold to knock him unconscious, but he does not kill him. (I don't even know if you can do that to a snake, but let's give the writers the benefit of the doubt.) Lo-Zar has a number of friends among the animals, including Hako, the Roc-sized "giant hawk of the swamp" (who lets Lo-Zar put a bridle on him, thereby allowing Lo-Zar to attack a plane in mid-air) and herds of elephants, who he saves from hunters and guides to the "haven of the elephants." The animals like him enough to mob together to save him when his life is in danger.

Note: In the second volume of Jungle Action published during the 1970s Lo-Zar's stories were edited, and he was renamed "Tharn." But apart from the renaming the stories are the same.

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