(updated 5 April 2002)

Africa Maps 17 links to various types of maps of Africa.
NEW Azerbaijan Neat, enlargeable maps of Azerbaijan; they go from country to 1:100,000.
Boojum Expeditions Maps from various Boojum tours, including Mongolia, Tibet, and Venezuela.
NEW * City Maps An outstanding site for European city street maps.
Distance Maps of India How far it is from one part of the country to another. Part of the Maps of India site.
* IPL Ready Reference Collection: Maps & Atlases Map links from the Internet Public Library.
Japan Maps Regional maps of Japan.
MapBlast! I use it strictly as a backup to MapQuest.
NEW * Maporama Like Mapquest, only with a global scope.
* MapQuest There is still no better resource on the web for getting directions and maps of places in the US. They are a basic resource for any reference librarian or searcher, and if you need directions or just a map of somewhere in the US or the EU, you should go here to get it. That said, I must confess that roughly one time in five (not just in my experience, mind you) Mapquest screws up, and not just a little bit. Four times in a row, they steer me right, but that fifth time can lead to getting disastrously lost. (I unfortunately speak from experience) So, depending on your level of confidence, you might want to doublecheck the results that they give you, especially if your trip is important to you. A handy substitute for Mapquest, with better maps of the world.
* Multimap A wonderful resource for mapping the UK. As good, if not better, than Mapquest.
NEW National Atlas of the United States A good resource for U.S.-only maps.
* PCL Map Collection From the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas. Simply the best and most thorough collection of maps on the Web.
ReliefWeb Map Centre Maps to countries and continents.
World City Maps Maps of various world cities from the PCL Collection.

Xerox PARC map viewer A map viewer, which is so good on what it does cover that it's enormously frustrating to run into those things which it does not cover. Much better inside the US than outside.



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