First Appearance: X-Men #5 (February 1992).
Appearances: Several others.
Years Active: 1960s?-present.

Maverick is David North, neé Christoph Nord, a German who began his career as a freedom fighter in East Germany. He was a member of the "underground" group Cell Six, about which little is known besides the names of its members. Cell Six was active in Germany as well as other parts of Europe before being betrayed by Nord's wife, a Soviet double agent. Nord was the only member of Cell Six to escape being killed. He went underground and was recruited by the CIA for Team X, whose other two members were Logan (later Wolverine) and Victor Creed (later Sabretooth). Team X was active for an undefined number of years, apparently disbanding sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s after a mostly-successful career fighting against the Communists. After Team X disbanded Maverick went into business as a mercenary.

Maverick has the mutant ability to absorb kinetic impact without harm to himself, and while a member of Team X he received an anti-aging agent which keeps him young looking today.

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