Skip McCoy

First Appearance: Suspense #2 (January 1950).
Appearance: Suspense #2, Human Torch #32, Captain America #69 & 71, Sub-Mariner #30, Marvel Mystery #86 & 91, Reno Browne #52.
Years Active: 1950s.

Skip McCoy is a detective with the New York City Police Department, and a good one. Active during the 1950s, his cases tend to be bloody ones; in one he captures a gang of kidnapers who killed their victim when they saw McCoy was on their trail, and in another he takes on (and wipes out, although in self-defense) a gang of murderous highway hijackers. McCoy has a well-earned reputation, not just among the police but also in the underworld, whose members fear him. His partner is the "youthful sidekick, Pepper Burns," although what a seeming teenager is doing on cases like McCoy's is a good question.

McCoy is, naturally, a good detective, very clever in his investigations as well as being a good shot. He works for the "Chief."

Note: See the Mike Trapp entry. Presumably the McCoy stories were re-lettered inventory stories.

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