"Iron Mike" McGraw

First Appearance: Marines in Battle #1 (August 1954).
Appearances: Marines in Battle #1-25, Devil Dog Dugan #2.
Years Active: 1951-1954.

"Iron Mike" McGraw, the "greatest gyrene of them all," is a two-fisted square-jawed Marine who with his best friend and "sidekick" "Gunny" Gorski wages war against Godless Communism, performing brave behind-enemy-lines missions and doing things like lobbing lit dynamite at the enemy from close range. (The war looks so easy, it's a wonder that we didn't win it in a matter of weeks.)

That's "Iron Mike," by the way, in the picture; the poor schmuck he's throwing around is "Gunny." They're fighting because a Evil Communist Lieutenant is making them fight to the death. You know, the usual kind of thing for "Iron Mike."

Note: As with a few other characters on this site, there's really not that much I can say about "Iron Mike." He's a Marine. He hates the Red Menace. He fights in Korea. He's just zis guy, you know?

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