Tobias Messenger

First Appearance: Amazing Adult Fantasy #14 (July 1962).
Appearances: Amazing Adult Fantasy #14, X-Men: The Hidden Years #17-19.
Years Active: 1859 to just before the present.

Tobias Messenger was born in 1859, and spent the first 19 years of his life as an ordinary men. In 1878 he suddenly became capable of superhuman abilities;
he was a mutant, although he did not know the term or concept at that point. In 1889 he decided to find other people like himself, who had extraordinary powers. For the next twenty years he traveled, finding three other mutants and forming a group with them.

In 1916 this group took action, using their powers to shorten World War One. In 1919, however, the group disbanded, and Messenger decided to enter suspended animation, coming out for only one week per decade. In 1955 he emerged from suspended animation and discovered that the Yellow Claw was using a group of mutants. Messenger took over the group once the Claw was defeated and had them join him.

Messenger went on to be defeated, a few years before the present, by the X-Men.

Tobias Messenger was a powerful telepath.

Note: Given how stalemated WW1 was in 1916, Iíd have to say that Messengerís groupís actions were quite ineffective.

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