Missouri Kid

First Appearance: Rawhide Kid #96 (February 1972).
Appearances: Rawhide Kid #96.
Years Active: 1830s? 1840s? (see below)

Herschel Walls' father was killed and his farm burned down when Walls was only 19. This was done by employees of the railroad, so that the railroad could be run through their property. Wall devoted his life to ruining the man responsible for this, doing things like blowing up railroad tracks and robbing trains. Although a bounty was posted for him, he kept it up, and finally cornered the man, and after humiliating him (but letting him live) he shot and killed him, although Walls was captured in the process.

That was years ago, though; when the Rawhide Kid met him, the Missouri "Kid" was almost 60 years old. The "Kid" was being transported to another prison when a group of bandits came to break out other prisoners. The Rawhide Kid stopped the jail-break, and the Missouri "Kid" helped him and then told him his story, hoping the Kid would let him free. A sheriff arrived on the scene to arrest the Rawhide Kid, and the Missouri "Kid" freed Rawhide, and Rawhide ultimately let the old man go free.

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