Alyssa Moy

First Appearance: Fantastic Four v2 #5 (May 1998).
Appearances: Fantastic Four v2 #5, 18, 24.
Years Active: ?-present.

Relatively little is known about Alyssa Moy apart from her adventures with Reed Richards. Moy went to college with Reed and Victor von Doom. She and Reed found a car in "a scrap heap outside Frankfurt" just after Reed's discharge from the Army, and converted it into a high-tech flying limousine. They entered the car in the "London to Capetown Rally," were fired upon (for reasons still not made clear) by a plane, went to the Himalayas and rescued the child Prince Bayan (of a Hidden Civilisationtm) from the Red Army, participated in the "infamous London to Durban to Vladivostok race," and had a number of other adventures (which are not given any print). They have been in touch more recently, with Ben Grimm recognising Moy's name but not having met her. It is not known whether Moy and Reed were romantically involved or not. (Remember, this was in the years before Reed got involved with Sue Storm.)

Moy is a genius, although whether she has superhuman intelligence or not is unknown.

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