"Rock" Murdock

First Appearance: Marines in Action #1 (June 1955).
Appearances: Marines in Action #1-14, Marines in Battle #23.
Years Active: 1951-1954.

"Rock" Murdock, aka "The Fighting Gyrene," is a frontline soldier in Korea. With his best friend/sidekick/foxhole buddy Scuttlebutt he bravely fights off The Communist Threat To Korea, doing things like taking on waves of incoming Chinese and North Korean troops with only his rifle, machine gun, and/or grenades. He also is willing to venture behind enemy lines, riding on "Commie Combat Cycles," to slaughter great masses of the Communist Hordes, and will venture into occupied territory to rescue a baby captured by Them Satanic Commies.

Murdock and Scuttlebutt serve in Fox Company under Captain O'Bannon, who thinks highly of the wily Murdock. (That's Scuttlebutt on the left and Rock on the right, lying in wait before they slaughter the Communist Scum.)

Notes: Yes, he really is as generic as all that. He's a typical Atlas warfront character, without much to differentiate him from many another Korean War character. However, there is the possibility that his real first name might be "Jack," as in "Battling Jack."

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