Mythology & Religion

(updated 17 March 2002)
Africa - Religion 29 links on religion in Afrrica, both native and imported (aka Christianity).
Animal Totems & Magic 25 short/medium-length essays on what individual animals mean in symbolic magic - that is, what it means to take a wolf or spider totem.
Book of Gods, Goddesses, Etc A good, in-depth look at a wide range of mythologies.
Brysons.Net A very good links site of mythology pages.

Colin's Hermetic Kabbalah Page A number of medium/long essays on hermetic kabbalah and how it relates to and differs from traditional kabbalah.
Corrupt Religions Religious orthodoxy and intolerance--it's a hoot! This is a strict Muslim look at "nine irreligious cults," like the Bahai,
the Ismailis, and the Yazidis.
Descriptions of 63 Religions, Faith Groups & Ethical Systems Carefully neutral and judgment-free essays describing the belief systems of 63 different religions. Has links too, of course.

Eliezer Segal's Home Page The home page of Dr. Eliezer Segal, who has a number of links and essays of interest here.
Eliki at a Glance Information on ancient and medieval faiths.
Encyclopedia Coptica Articles and information on the Coptic Church.
* Encyclopedia Mythica A superior online encyclopedia, covering every major and many minor cultures.
A History of the Church The first in a series of long essays on the history of the Church.

Indigenous Peoples' Literature They've somewhat cleaned up the layout for this site, although it can still use some work. But it does have a lot of literature of various indigenous peoples, and those are worth looking at.
Intro to Gods & Myths Listing, with brief entries, of many different gods and myth figures. Other pages in this list render this site redundant, but it can't hurt to have another source to look at, can it?
Lilith 33 links on the mythological figure.

Looking for Lilith The good Dr. Segal's examination of the Lilith myth, and why it is not an example of Jewish misogyny.
Medieval Judaism: Course Notes The notes from Dr. Segal's course on Medieval Judaism.
MesoAmerican Religions A long page on the Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, and Aztec religions.

Mystical World Wide Web Not particularly easy to read, but it has a lengthy guide to animals and their stories & myths.
*Of Gods and Men: The A to Z of Mythology and Legend Another very good general encyclopedia of mythology.
*Regional Folklore and Mythology Mythology links broken down by culture and region.

Shamanism FAQs, articles, and links on shamanism.
A Shi'ite Encyclopedia A very nice encyclopedia to the Shi'ite faith, with long articles. Written by a Shi'ite, though, so keep that in mind.
Sleeping Hero Legends Myths of the Sleeping Hero, as well as links to relevant pages.

Spiritualism A good assemblage of links to spiritualism on the web, broken down by "belief structure."

Specific Mythologies

Sites addressing one particular culture or set of cultures, rather than something broader.
Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ Very thorough and well-researched.
Aztec Mythology A good, long essay on the Aztec religion.
Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology FAQ By the same author who did the Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ.
Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas A couple of dozen links on Germanic myths, legends & culture.
NEW * Greek Mythology A good, illustrated guide to Greek myths.
Greek Mythology Link "A new collection of the Greek myths being written and published on line."
Hindu Mythology I'm sure our brothers and sisters around the world who believe in the Hindu faith wouldn't be pleased to see it described as "mythology," but that aside, this is a handy guide to the gods and stories of the Hindus.
Hittite/Hurrian Mythology REF By the same author who did the Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology FAQ (he's quite good, you know).
Kabbalah Home Page Very nice coverage of Kabbalism. From Bnei Baruch.

King Arthur and the Early British Kingdoms From the Britannia site.
Lugodoc's Guide to Celtic Mythology On the whole, a pretty good job.
The Norse Mythology Web Page Not the most in-depth in their coverage of various myths and figures, but a decent introduction.
Sumerian Mythology FAQ By the author of the Hittite/Hurrian Mythology page.
The Tibetan-English-Dictionary of Buddhist Teaching & Practice A useful dictionary on Buddhism, included here for its coverage of Buddhist myth.
Vietnamese Myths A handy, long essay on Viet myths.

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