First Appearance: Alpha Flight #83 (April 1990).
Appearances: Alpha Flight #83.
Years Active: 8000 B.C.E.

Nahita is a member of the Tribe of the Moon. She and they were active 10,000 years ago in what is today Canada. She was a member of the Elk Tribe and is an ancestor of the modern day heroes Talisman and Shaman. It was implied that there were other Talismans prior to Nahita and between her and Elisabeth Twoyoungmen, the modern day Talisman.

Donald Campbell contributed the following:

It is known for certain that there was at least one Talisman before Nahita. This first known Talisman was the woman who first defeated Llan the Sorcerer after the Great Devastation of 10,000 years before Nahita's time (ie. the Great Cataclysym in which Atlantis and Lemuria sank).

Aside from those time periods in which the Talisman appeared to oppose Llan the Sorcerer (ie. every ten millennia), it is known that the power of the Talisman was used, thousands of years ago, to banish the Ska'r from Earth.  The Ska'r are an evil race who fed upon the psychic energies generated when humans feel baser emotions and who therefore encouraged/manipulated humans into committing acts of depravity. The Ska'r also liked to eat human beings.  When the malign influence of their city began to grow and spread across the world, the Talisman banished the city from Earth into an empty dimension.  The Ska'r survived their imprisonment by eating all of the humans who had been trapped there with them, and then entering a state of hibernation.  It has never been revealed exactly when this banishment took place but the Ska'r city was located in a desert and looked like something out of Aladdin, so I'm assuming it was located somewhere in the Middle East.  Of course, for all I know, the Talisman who banished the Ska'r could have been Nahita.

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