Doctor Nemesis

First Appearance: Invaders v2 #1 (May 1993).
Appearances: Invaders v2 #1-4.
Years Active: 1939-?

Thomas Bradley was a colleague of Professor Phineas Horton, and worked with him on a certain project involving a "synthetic man--an exact replica of a human being" who would burst into flames when exposed to air. This project eventually became the Human Torch (I). Dr. Bradley was irritated at not getting any of the credit and became embittered. He began calling himself "Doctor Death," created a knockout gun and another android, Volton, and used them on the side of evil. He allied with the Nazis and was a member of the Battle-Axis, along with the Human Meteor, Volton, Strongman, and Spider Queen, when they fought against the Invaders.

At the end of the battle with the Invaders Bradley was killed by Volton.

Note: Doctor Nemesis first appeared in Super Mystery Comics v3 #3 (Summer 1942). However, as a Marvel character, he is a retcon addition, not having appeared in a Timely book.

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