(updated 17 March 2002)

I'm a news and political junkie, and so I rely on the Web for around-the-clock updates. And these are the sites I use, daily and weekly, to keep myself informed.

Africa - Current Events Over 70 links to newss sites on Africa.
The Age A very good Australian newspaper.
* Arts & Letters Daily An anthology of some of the best essays to be found online, from various sites and online versions of magazines. Required reading for the informed mind.
Asia-Pacific Media Links 48 links to various Asian & Pacific media outlets.
Boston Globe Online Despite its recent embarassments (of course, Mike Barnacle was a grade-A porker and always had been, and his roasting was decades-overdue) the Globe remains a good newspaper.
Buzzflash A site of links pointing out just how contemptible conservatives and Dubya really are.
China News Digest (CND) For when you want to know what's going on in China.
CNN Interactive With hourly updates and an unmatched range, you'll rarely do better for news on the Web than with CNN.
CovertAction Quarterly A leftist news organ, but the information here is usually fairly reliable.
* Crisisweb An excellent guide to worldwide crises.
The Economist The superb English newsweekly.
The Emperor's New Clothes A leftist newssite. Unfortunately, the information here is sometimes suspect, but it's still worth checking out.
Eurasianet A good source of news on Central Asia.
The Guardian The very good English newspaper.
Japan Times Online A very good Japanese newspaper.
Neue Zurcher Zeitung The outstanding Swiss newspaper.
NewsNow "Quality news headlines updated every five minutes."
The New York Times on the Web The NYTimes on the Web--and free to subscribe to.
The PanAfrican News Agency A great site for news on Africa.
* Medianews Simply the best site on the Net for keeping track of the media's doings. Required reading for any media junkie. I hope it stays around for a while, 'cause Salon is one of the best and most readable news magazines on the Web, even if it does have the contemptible David Horowitz writing for them.
Slate Magazine Not as good as, but still worth checking out every morning.
The Times Internet Edition That's the London Times.
The Times of IndiaAnother excellent Times.
The Turkish Daily News Online Home Page Well, I don't know about you, but sometimes I want to know what's going on in Turkey. So, when I do, I go here.

War Elephant News on various conflict spots around the world.



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