Nimo the Mountain Lion

First Appearance: Kid Colt Outlaw #7 (1948?).
Appearances: Kid Colt Outlaw #7-10, Tex Taylor, The Fighting Cowboy #9, Black Rider #8-9, Rex Hart #8, Whip Wilson #10.
Years Active: 1870s.

Nimo is a mountain lion, which for those of you not aware of the large predators of North America is sometimes called a "cougar" or a "puma." Like Diablo and Man-Oo, two of the other animal characters of the Atlas books, Nimo had a certain amount of consciousness, volition, and personality; he's definitely not just a dumb animal. He has several "frisky offspring" and is very affectionate towards them, taking them on trips to teach them about life and hunting and that sort of thing. Nimo is wise in the ways of the world, however, and knows to avoid humanity:

Nimo shows his quivering young ones the grazing cattle! The lion warns that the herds belong to MAN--and are to be left unharmed--for there lies DANGER!
Nimo is also, naturally, a strong fighter, capable of beating other, younger cougars, and is master of the "great mountain range."

Note: Nimo is sometimes spelled "Nemo," depending on which comic book he appears in.

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