Annie Oakley

First Appearance (in Atlas comics): Annie Oakley #1 (Spring 1948).
Appearances: Annie Oakley #1-11, Two-Gun Kid #3, Wild Western #46-47, Millie the Model #16.
Years Active: 1870s.

The character was based loosely (very loosely) on the real-life Annie Oakley. So loosely, in fact, that all the two share is the name. (Lou Mougin described her as "being drawn something on the order of an Old West Millie the Model," which is an accurate description.) The Atlas Annie Oakley, while herself being treated seriously and being shown to be skilled with a lasso and her guns, appeared in light comedy strips, almost completely unlike the adventures of, for example, the Apache Kid or the Rawhide Kid. She is a blonde, with a knee-high short-sleeved red dress; the dress has yellow fringes along the sleeves, the edge of the skirt, and on the cross-hatched neckline.

Her origin, as such, is this: when Annie was only a child her mother "had gone off looking for the rustlers who had stolen the Oakley herd and wounded her husband, when Annie was just a child.  In a gun fight with the rustlers, a bullet creased Mrs. Oakley's head and she lost her memory for ten years." A fall from a horse had restored Mother Oakley's memory to her, but during the decade of amnesia she'd been living the life of an outlaw as "Shotgun Sadie." Annie's father is lame (though he recovers when Annie is grown), and so, with an absent mother and a lame father, Annie was forced to take care of herself. By the time she is 17 she is a sharpshooter and adventuress, her father sometimes accompanying her.

Annie lives in Buena Vista with her horse Nugget, where she is the platonic friend to Sheriff Idaho Smith and his deputy Yucca. She seems to have had feelings for Frank Butler, a shooter with Buffalo Bill's Original Wild West Show.

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