Pale Horseman

First Appearance: Secret Defenders #16 (June 1994).
Appearances: Secret Defenders #16-25.
Years Active: Centuries ago to the present.

Donald Campbell adds this entry:

The Pale Horseman was a supernatural creature who acted as a guardian for Agamotto the All-Seeing.  Centuries ago, the Pale Horseman was guarding the Moebius Stone of Agamotto in the Temple of Agamotto when Malachi and Korahn [two sorcerers and lovers--Jess] tried to steal the stone to use its ability to control the passage of time so that they could live forever.  The Horseman turned Korahn to stone and shattered the stone to prevent it from being misused but by the late 20th century Malachi had gathered most of the pieces of the stone.  As she went to gather the final piece and then assemble it, she drained the life-energy out of teenager Cody Fleischer, aging him to death.  When she began to complete the reassembly of the stone, it emitted a bolt of energy that struck Cody's newly-killed and withered corpse, animating it with the spirit of Agamotto's guardian, who helped the Secret Defenders defeat Malachi. Although Cody's soul has definitely passed on, for some reason Cadaver, as it is now known, continues to think and feel as if it were still Cody Fleischer.  Only in times of battle does "Cody" think and act as who it truly is, the Pale Horseman.  Cadaver's weapon is the Sword of Bone, a sword made of bone which is usually kept "sheathed" within Cadaver's corpse.
Ronald Byrd adds that the Pale Horseman is also known as the Fist of Agamotto.

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