Patriot (II)

First Appearance: Blade the Vampire Hunter #4 (1994).
Appearance: Blade the Vampire Hunter #4.
Years Active: 1945-present? (see below)

Little is known about this recently-introduced character. He is strong although not superhumanly so. He is a government agent attached to the anti-vampire unit Silvereye. He is an older man. He is specifically identified as "The Patriot. Modeled after the World War Two-era hero, a super-soldier, same as Captain America (I), well, almost.  Never the recognition, never the glory, but all the strength and power.  Now older, stronger..."  Whether he is in fact the Patriot or simply the successor to the title is not known.

Note: As you can see, there's not much to go on. The sentences I quoted are ambiguously and confusingly phrased, so that it could be read as the Patriot (II) was the Patriot (I) ("now older, stronger") or it could be read as the Patriot (II) is "modeled after the World Wart Two-era hero," but is not in fact the Patriot (I). My personal preference is that the death of the Patriot (I) not be needlessly or carelessly retconned away, so I'm going to work on the assumption that this character is the second Patriot until I read evidence otherwise.

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