Prairie Kid

First Appearance: Wild Western #12 (September 1950).
Appearances: Wild Western #12-14, Cowboy Action #5, Kid Colt Outlaw #184.
Years Active: 1870s.

The Prairie Kid is either a wandering do-gooder or a bounty hunter; in at least one adventure he goes looking for one outlaw in particular. There's really not much particularly distinctive about him; he never had any origin that I read, he has the usual skills with his guns and his fists, and his horse, Fury, is a good horse but not particularly exceptional.

As a manhunter the Kid is clever, though, finding one man because he walked the wrong way in sandles, as opposed to boots. The Prairie Kid is also a singing cowboy, who in one story continually warbles "I got two guns that bark and roar, If this wind keeps blowin' it's sure gonna pour! I got two guns that bark and roar, I got two guns and I wish I had four!"

He is well-known; in the words of one sheriff, "Every law abidin' citizen in the West is proud of your name, Kid!" When he asks law officers for help, they're more than happy to give it to him.

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