Pravda Patrol

First Appearance: Bizarre Adventures #31 (April 1982).
Appearances: Bizarre Adventures #31.
Years Active: 1979-?

The Pravda Patrol were a group of Russian soldiers--an "elite Soviet counter-terrorist task force"--who were active in Afghanistan in 1979. They were: Captain Yuri, the heroic leader type who did not hesitate to order his troops to leave him behind when he is wounded, and who has inspired enough loyalty in his troops that they refuse to do so; Sachi, the only female member of the Patrol and who is trained as a medic; Striker; Mouse, and Big Bear, who only truly came alive during combat.

Note: While there's no direct evidence that the Pravda Patrol existed within the Marvel Universe, I think they're interesting enough to include here anyhow, just on the (very) off-chance that someone, some day, may include them. And, as continuity expert Ronald Byrd (responsible for this entry as for so many others here) points out, Bizarre Adventures featured stories with the X-Men, Elektra, the Hangman, the Daughters of the Dragon, and other in-continuity characters, so why not the Pravda Patrol?

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