First Appearance: Alpha Flight #1 (August 1983).
Appearances: Many issues.
Years Active: 1914-present.

Eugene Milton Judd was born in 1914 and became a soldier of fortune as an adult. In 1939 he sought to capture the Black Blade of Baghdad. Unfortunately, the evil spirit Razer was trapped inside the Black Blade, and when Judd stole the Blade he released Razer from the Blade. Judd was forced to imprison Razer inside his own body, thus granting Judd effective immortality at the price of constant pain. Many years later Judd was approached by James MacDonald Hudson and joined the team Alpha Flight.

What Puck did between 1939 and Alpha Flight #1 remains unknown, but as a Canadian and someone with experience of the world in 1939 he would assuredly have fought against the Axis. Judd was shown in Wolverine #37 as fighting in the Spanish Civil War, alongside of Wolverine and Ernest Hemingway. There have been a number of hints, though, that Puck was not exactly a good guy during those years; there have been references by Puck himself to his "killing days," and we do know that he was still a mercenary after WW2--and mercenaries, let's remember, fight and kill for pay rather than for any higher calling. Judd was also a member of the Outcasts.

Puck has no superpowers beyond his immortality, but is an effective fighter and is very acrobatic.

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