Spider Queen

First Appearance: Invaders v2 #1 (May 1993).
Appearances: Invaders v2 #1-4.
Years Active: 1941-?

Sharon Kane's husband created a "spider web fluid." Unfortunately, he was murdered by Communists, leading Sharon Kane to become the Spider Queen and use his web fluid against criminals. She became the "sworn enemy of saboteurs, racketeers, gangsters -- criminals of every sort." With her web fluid she could stick people to walls and the ground (it "sticks like glue") and swing from buildings; she designed web bracelets that functioned as Spider-Man's web-shooters.

However, fairly soon after she began fighting crime, she turned bad, and ended up as a member of the Battle-Axis, along with Volton, Human Meteor, Strongman, and Doctor Nemesis, fighting against the Invaders. The Battle-Axis was defeated by the Invaders and Kane was captured.

Her current status, and history after these issues, is unknown, although her costume appeared on a dummy in the mansion of the Angel in the modern day.

Note: Spider Queen first appeared in The Eagle #2-4 (August 1941). However, as a Marvel character, she is a retcon addition, not having appeared in a Timely book.

Ronald Byrd points out that her costume, in Invaders v2, is colored different than her original costume.

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