Sabbath Raven

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes Fall Special #3 (?)
Appearances: Marvel Super-Heroes Fall Special #3, Web of Spider-Man #10, 71-72.
Years Active: 1930s-?

Sabbath Raven was the partner of Dominic Fortune. Like him, she was an adventurer who was a skilled fighter, and even more impressively she was able to fight while wearing high heels. She was a riverboat owner while she was Fortune's partner, as well as being his lover, but they were separated during the war, only being reunited in the present day when Fortune sought her out. She had strawberry blonde hair, used a good, and was a good hand-to-hand combatant. In her most notable adventure she and Fortune saved a young Steve Rogers from a Nazi agent intent on preventing him from receiving the Super-Soldier Formula.

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