Rawhide Kid

First Appearance: Rawhide Kid #1 (March 1955).
Appearances: Kid Colt #59, 121, 229, Mighty Marvel Western #1-46, Rawhide Kid v1 #1-151, Rawhide Kid v2 #1-4, Western Team-Up #1, Blaze of Glory #1-4, Black Panther v2 #46.
Years Active: 1870s-1890s.

When the Clay couple were killed by a group of Indians, their baby was found by Ben Bart, a Texas Ranger. Bart raised the child as his own, calling him "Johnny Bart." Ben trained Johnny to be an ace shot and when Ben was killed by two drifters, Johnny (now a young man) killed the drifters by outshooting them. Johnny then began wandering as a do-gooding cowboy hero, known to the world as the "Rawhide Kid" (Ben Bart's ranch being close to Rawhide, Texas); on occasion he crossed paths and even teamed up with other cowboy heroes, like the Two-Gun Kid, Kid Colt, and the Ringo Kid. The Kid's reputation was not a good one, however, and often he would be distrusted by those who had just met him because of his reputation.

In the modern era it was revealed that the Rawhide Kid teamed with the Avengers in a few adventures. In 1885 the Rawhide Kid was a member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show before riding off to help Reno Jones. A later adventure, set in 1890, showed an aging Rawhide Kid having various painful encounters with the changed and altered West; in this adventure he encountered the Bounty Hunter.

The Rawhide Kid was extremely skilled both with his guns (he was the equal of the Two-Gun Kid) and as an outdoorsman and Ranger; his horse was named Apache and for a long time he rode with a sidekick named Randy.

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