Red Wolf (I & II)

First Appearance: Avengers #80 (September 1970).
Appearances: Avengers #80, Red Wolf #1-9, Fantastic Four Annual #25, Avengers Forever #4, Blaze of Glory #2-4.
Years Active: 1760-?

Sometime around 1760 C.E. Owayadata, the wolf-god of the Cheyenne, saw that his worshipers were in need of a champion. So Owayadata leant a small portion of his power/essence to a Cheyenne, Wildrun, who became known to both the Cheyenne and the enemies of the Cheyenne as Red Wolf. Red Wolf helped the Cheyenne, taming the first horse and driving the Sioux and other enemies of the Cheyenne away from the plains so that the Cheyenne would have a place of their own. At some point later in Red Wolf's career the time-traveling villain Kang the Conqueror appeared and challenged Red Wolf to a fight; Red Wolf, after having lost to Kang, acknowledged the Conqueror as his superior in combat and agreed to serve Kang as a member of the Anachronauts, Kang's time-traveling warriors. Red Wolf (I) seems to have been the only member of the Anachronauts to have survived the events of Avengers Forever.

Later, sometime in the 19th Century, a group of Cheyenne was massacred by the U.S. cavalry, leaving behind only a child. The child was raised by a white couple, who named him Johnny Wakeley. Sometime after the Civil War Wakeley's parents were killed by "Indians" (sic), and Wakeley was being pursued by a group of renegade Cheyenne when he found the burial place of the first Red Wolf and was visited by Owayadata, who persuaded him to put on the costume of the Red Wolf, take up the totem of power (the coup stick), and become Red Wolf (II). Wakeley used his skills as Red Wolf (II)to try to bring peace both to the "Indians" and the Americans.

In Blaze of Glory it was revealed that Wakeley, by 1885, had seen that

the white man did not want peace with the red, but only wanted them dead. The stories then say how he fought only on the side of his red brothers. Reports placed him with Hinmaton-Yalaktit and the Nez Percé in their attempted flight to Canada.
It is also possible, and even likely, that one of Wakeley's descendants or the father/grandfather of the current Red Wolf was active during World War Two for the Allies.

Notes: Johnny Wakeley is only the second Red Wolf about whom historical details are known, and Will Talltrees, the modern Red Wolf, is only the third Red Wolf about whom historical details are known. It's entirely possible that there have been Red Wolfs continually, from 1760 to the modern day, and we simply haven't heard of any of their adventures to this point.

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