First Appearance: Kid Colt Outlaw #214 (January 1977).
Appearances: Kid Colt Outlaw #214, 217, 219.
Years Active: 1830s.

The Renegades were Dude, Little Flower, Carlos, and the Kid. They were called the Renegades because people "called the four men traitors to Texas when they fled the besieged Alamo---because few besides Colonel Travis knew they were actually on a secret mission to Sam Houston---a mission seeking help for the battered fortress---a mission that was foredoomed to fail---!" What exactly this secret mission was was never made clear, but even when the men helped Sam Houston and fought against Santa Ana's forces (and captured Ana himself, leaving him for Sam Houston to find), the four were still regarded as traitors.

Dude was a "strong-willed, tight-lipped" Northerner; Little Flower, dressed in buckskin, is a brawling French-Canadian trapper and muscleman (complete with cheesy stereotypical accent); Carlos Ortez is a Latino, Spanish in appearance and dress and Californian in descent, who is a man of education and who claimed to have joined the Texans for "the cause of freedom;" and the Kid is a clean-shaven pretty boy with long hair who can nonetheless kill with the best of them and is a hot-head.

Note: The idea that Carlos, a Mexican, would join the Texans for "the cause of freedom" (part of the reason that Texas rebelled against Mexican rule is that Mexico intended to abolish slavery in Texas, something that the ruling Texans were very much against) is the sort of historical howler, demonstrating a thorough ignorance of the subject, that is all too common in Western comics. Thank you very much, Gary Friedrich, for writing yet another story that we can all laugh at.

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