Ringo Kid

First Appearance: Wild Western #39 (February 1953).
Appearances: Wild Western #39, 41, 43-44, 46-47, 50, 52-56, Rawhide Kid #79, Ringo Kid Western #1-21, Western Trails #1-2, Wyatt Earp #22.
Years Active: 1870s.

The Kid is a half-breed, being the product of a white man and a "Comanche princess" (the Comanche didn't have royalty, but never mind). The Kid rides about on his horse Arab, fighting evil and such-like, with his Comanche sidekick Dull Knife; it is implied that Ringo is a government agent cleaning up the West. He teamed up with the Two-Gun Kid, the Rawhide Kid, the Phantom Rider, and the Avengers on various occasions. He dresses all in black, with a red kerchief.

Note: The image here is the best one I could get of Ringo; I'd have preferred to get one of him in a heroic pose or shooting his guns, but this was the best I could do (he is acting heroically in this story, helping an innocent-but-condemned man gain his freedom). If a better one becomes available, I'll put it here.

Note: I've had the Devil's own time finding any mention of the Ringo Kid's origin. I mean, he had to have had one, right? There had to have been a story published at some point during the Atlas years in which the Ringo Kid's background was fleshed out, yes? And yet after all these years (and it's been, oh, five or six years since this site went up) I still can't find that story, if it even exists. Very frustrating, that.

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